Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

We Have Already Forgotten
— Installation

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We Have Already Forgotten is a monumental installation. The two sides of the installation have different contents, and the audience can freely choose the direction of viewing while watching the work. The real-time time from 0:00:00 on June 4, 1989 to the present is scrolled on the LED display on the front of the installation. The back of the installation is the word "future". I tried to create an infinite extension timeline here. So the device itself becomes a monument to the event. One side of it is facing the past and the other side is facing the future. When you walk to this huge timeline you have the freedom to choose the viewing angle you want to face.

This work discusses the singular landscape that is taking place in Chinese society after the political event. Education system, mainstream media and public opinion are correcting or blocking any description of the protest movement. Almost all younger generations are “forgotten” the truth of history. Except for one date, the work does not show any detailed images or videos of the event. Because I am not trying to let the auidence know what happened at that time, but to show what is happening now. What is happening now may be even more horrific than the thing itself in the history.

我们已经忘记 是一件纪念碑装置作品,装置的两面有不同的内容,观众在观看时可以自由选择观看的方向。装置正面的LED 显示器上滚动播放着从1989年6月4日0点0分0秒到现在的这一时刻的实时时间;装置的背面是单词“未来”。我试图在这里创造一个无线延伸时间轴,装置本身成为了对事件的纪念碑,一面面向过去,一面面向未来。当你游走在这个巨大的时间轴上你有自由的权利去选择你想面对的观看角度。


Materials: wood, light bulb, LED panel, Arduino Mega
Size: 1300mm*1055mm*255mm
Time: 10/2018-12/2018
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