Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一


His Image— Preformance


His  is a sculpture and performance art work.

Without referring to his father's photos, the artist carved the wood squares into his father little by little based on the father's image left in his mind. The artist is fighting against fuzzy memories. And try to recall the father's body size, appearance, clothing and shape. But no matter how the artist modified and recalled, the final image of these memory fragments is still far from his father. But the process of sculpting the body is like the process of putting together memories. Because the image in his mind seems to be more and more clearer and sharper, artist will also find the sculpture more inaccurate. It seems that only continuous carving can finally get the appearance of his father. The sculpture itself has become less important in this process, and only the behavior of continuous recalling memories and carving is the way out for the artist to complete this redemption.

他的模样 是一件雕塑及行为艺术作品。

艺术家在不参考父亲照片的情况下,根据脑海中残留的父亲的形象,将4*4*12 英寸的木方一点一点雕刻成印象中父亲的模样。艺术家在与模糊记忆的对抗。并试图回想父亲的身体尺寸、相貌、衣着和形态。但是无论艺术家如何的修改和回想,最后这些记忆片段拼凑成的形象依旧与父亲相差甚远。但这个雕刻身体的过程,就如同拼合记忆的过程,正因为脑海中的图像似乎越发的清晰,也就会发觉雕塑的失准,似乎只有不断的雕刻下去才能最终获得父亲的模样。而雕塑本身也在这个过程中变得不那么重要了,只有不断地回忆和雕刻的行为才是艺术家完成这段心里救赎的出路。

Materials: Wood, Video
Size: 4inch*4inch*12inch

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