Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一


Sun Junyi was born in a family of engineers in Qingdao, China. In his childhood, he began to paint under the influence of his parents' occupation and fell in love with the art of free spirit. From 2013 to 2017, he entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts to study art design, where he engaged contemporary art and digital media art for the first time. This gave Junyi, who had just entered the art, a great impact. After graduation, Sun Junyi established Has* Media Studio in Beijing to continue his work in new media art and gradually became a part-time artist. From 2018 to 2020, he entered the The School of Art Institute of Chicago to study for a Master of Fine Arts, where he majored in Art and Technology to learn how to use technology to better engage and explore political landscapes and social engagement. He tried to continue his career as an artist in Chicago, but the sudden pandemic seemed to disrupt his plans. In 2021, Junyi came to Vancouver, Canada to continue his artistic journey. He entered the Centre for Digital Media at Simon Fraser University to study for the Master of Digital Media. His work has also gradually withdrawn from the political landscape and turned to topics such as family scars and trauma. And he began to try new creations using media such as ready-made, sculptures, games, and films.

@2017, CAFA


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Instagram: sun_junyi

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