Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

Drifters in Beijing— Project 

2016 - 2017
Art Project

Drifters in Beijing is an art project on the eve of graduation. It is a journey to explore how the environment shapes the individual. The plan begins in November 2016 so far and is scheduled to end in 2018. Through the mediums of behavior, image and ready-made installation, I demonstrated the process of natural objects being slowly changed in the natural environment so as to explore the social phenomena in which individuals in life are rapidly programmed in the city.

This work originated from my experience in studying in Beijing. I met many people from all over the country who came to Beijing for their struggle. On one hand, they are different from me, I come to study, they mostly come to survive. On the other hand, like all of them, we have the dream that may can not be achieved and the anxiety about the future. We all left our hometown and lost ourselves in the city. Thinking of our lost naturalness and personality becomes the foundation of this project. At the same time, “ Drifters in Beijing Project" did not break away from my main art line and paid attention to the living conditions of social participants.

“Drifters in Beijing” is a word I borrow. It originally meant foreigners who struggled in metropolis such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China. And what I said here also refer to drift life that includes the live and struggle of those people and also refers to my journey, vagrancy to north. Drifters represent the fate of the city. I want to use this trip to better understand me, understand my life and understand the missions and pain points that have been given to us by this era.

The city depresses people's feelings, it does not want to let you tired. City afraid you can not see in front of the light, the city fears you no longer believe those truths, the city fears you stop the firm step. It pushes you away, it gives you hope, gives you some reason to believe. As same as the rain and the wind of nature shape the landscapes and weeds, cities are carving you in a more efficient way, such as the Internet, political systems, codes of conduct, social beliefs. Those things erode you and polish you. You are like the wood which are no longer angular, no longer unique and dim. One day we will suddenly find that the only thing that do not change is our strong skeleton. So, you are the wood, any one.



Materials: wood, hollow brick, surveillance equipment, video
Size: variable

Exhibition info:
向北方漂流 Vagrancy to North , 2016, Has* Media Studio, Beijing 

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