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Re-Write is a piece of digital art.

German artist Luis Camnitzer held a Roundtable Talk and Pop-up Show during his visit to SAIC. Before the roundtable meeting, Luis Camnitzer sent his electronic signature to the artists participating and asked them to create a piece of artwork with the signature.

Artist processed the electronic signature and imported it into a simple AI machine learning system. By establishing learning conditions in the system, he tried to simulate the process of Luis Camnitzer's continuous signing in the past 50 years in digital form.

The system fine-tunes each re-signature by learning the strokes and different directions of the imported signatures. The artist tried to restore the difference between each Luis signature through system simulation. The images continuously generated by this system are a rewrite that condenses time. As you watch this simulation, the images will continue to overlap. New signatures are constantly being produced. At the same time, this work is also the artist's thinking about the meaning behind the act of "signing", such as the pledge of sovereignty, ownership, and value added.

重写 是一件数字艺术作品。

德国艺术家Luis Camnitzer在访问SAIC期间举办了一次圆桌会议及即兴的展览。在圆桌会议举行前,Luis Camnitzer将他的电子版签名发送给了参与这次圆桌会议的艺术家并要求他们用签名制作一件艺术品。

艺术家将电子签名处理后导入了一个简单搭建的AI机器学习系统,通过建立条件,试图模拟Luis Camnitzer在过去的50多年中不断签名的过程。系统通过学习签名的笔触和不同的走向对每次的再签名进行微调。试图还原每次Luis签名时的差异。这个系统不断生成的图像是浓缩了时间的一次重写。在你观看这次模拟的过程中,图像依旧会持续叠加。新的签名也在不断的产生。同时这个作品也是是艺术家对“署名”这一行为的背后意义的思考,如宣誓主权、所有权,赋予附加值等等。

Materials: Programing, Print on acid-free paper
Size: Varied

Workshop info:
Workshop Original Forgery / Falsificación Original, 2019, SAIC, Chicago

Workshop Photos:

This Photo courtesy of SAIC.
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