Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

难言之隐 I— Sculpture

Series works

Unspeakable is a series of ready-made sculptures.

Work I is a story book that cannot be opened. The front and back of the work are "The Story of the Son" and "The Story of the Father." The artist attempts to create a closed imagination space by transforming the functionality of existing ready-made products. The memory overlap and sharing between the father and the son makes the two books appear in one space at the same time and merge into one. But the right to explore and recall these stories was confiscated by the author. The artist attempts to restore the private and complex unspeakable feelings that exist in the father-son relationship in the work.

难言之隐 是一系列的现成品雕塑作品。

作品I 是一本无法打开的故事书,作品的正面和背面分别是《子的故事》与《父的故事》。艺术家试图通过改造既有现成品的功能创造出一个封闭隐私的想象空间。存在于父与子之间的记忆重合和共享使得两本书同时出现在一个空间中并合二为一。但是这种探索和回忆的权利又被作者没收。艺术家试图在作品中还原存在在父子关系中的私人而复杂的难以言表的感觉。

Materials: telephone, brick, steel wire
Size: 200mm*200mm*1500mm

Exhibition info:
Backyard Stories, 2020, Zhou B Gallery & 062 Gallery, Chicago Link︎http://www.zhoubartcenter.com/backyard-stories.html

Exhibition Photos:

This Photo courtesy of 062 Gallery.

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