Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一
Born in Qingdao, China in 1995, Sun Junyi’s is an artist whose work focuses on contemporary life modes and social statelet. He interrogates the human existent by exploring the subtle and sensitive feelings of social participants in their daily lives. Junyi's works have a wide range of topics, such as politics, regional cultural differences, social landscape and the relationship between man and nature. Junyi is using different media such as sculptures, installations, performances to find the trajectory of contemporary life, from the Internet society to the cultural phenomenon of the real society from social anxiety to personal privacy in the public view, from political movements to historical monuments, from private memory to family relationship. Through practical actions and social experiment, he pays attention to the evolution of the human existent in the contemporary society.

Sun Junyi is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

孙俊一 是一位新媒体艺术家,他的作品大多关注于当代人的生命样式和社会属性,通过发掘社会参与者在日常生活中的细微而敏感的感受给与观众思考和拷问,同时他的作品涉及的题材广泛,如政治话题、地区文化差异、社会景观化及人与自然的关系等尖锐的时代问题。他的作品往往以雕塑、装置、表演等形式呈现。从互联网社会到现实社会的文化现象,从社交焦虑到公众视野中的个人隐私,从政治运动到历史伤痕, 从私人记忆到家庭关系。通过实际行动和社会实验,他正在重现或者描述他正在经历的社会思考和实践。


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