Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

唐纳德·小号 计划
Donald Trumpet - Art Project

2018 - 2010 

Artist started Project: Donald Trumpet when he arrived in the United States in early 2018. The project uses Donald Trump as the prototype to create a virtual artist named Donald Trumpet and conduct a series of works in the name of this non-existent artist. The art project consists of three parts: “Art of Nonexistence that Exist” series, Dictionary,  “Twi-Gramophone” (In Progress). Donald Trumpet’s resume is exactly the same as Donald Trump, except that the artist describes all his political activities as works of art. These fictitious works form the "Art of Nonexistence that Exist" series. "Dictionary" tells the artist's discussion of the strong political color that exists in the political media.The "Twi-Gramophone" being produced is Junyi's satire and discussion of the status quo of social media participation and influence on political decision-making.

As a short-term foreigner in the United States, Junyi also inevitably stepped into an unfamiliar political environment. 2018 is the second year of Donald Trump in White House. The media and public opinion have begun to question his decision-making and leadership. However, as far as Junyi is concerned, he does not know Trump, nor has he personally experienced American political culture. When people generally disliked this leader, the artist tried to create a new understanding of the ontology's behavior by making up a copy.

Project: Donald Trumpet 是艺术家在2018年初到美国学习时开启的一个艺术计划,该计划以Donald Trump为原型,虚拟了一个名为Donald Trumpet的艺术家,并以该艺术家的名义进行了一系列创作。该艺术计划包括三个部分:《存在的不存在艺术》系列,《字典》,《留声机》(仍在进行)。Donald Trumpet的履历与Donald Trump是完全一样的,只不过艺术家将他的政治活动全部描述为了艺术作品。这些虚构的作品组成了《存在的不存在艺术》系列。《字典》则讲述了艺术家对政治媒体中存在的强烈的诱导性的政治色彩的讨论。而正在制作的《留声机》是Junyi对社交媒体参与和影像政治决策的现状的一种讽刺和讨论。

Junyi作为一个短期停留美国外来者,也不可避免地踏入一个陌生的的政治环境。2018年是Donald Trump上任的第二年,风评和舆论已经开始广泛的质疑他的决策和领导力。然而对于Junyi而言,他并不了解Trump,更从没亲历过美国的政治文化。当人们都普遍的不喜欢这位领导人时,艺术家试图通过虚构一个副本来对本体的行为产生新的理解和认识。

A street graffiti in NYC, 2018


Art of Nonexistence that Exist - Conceptual Art

2018 - 2020

A series of conceptual art

Art of Nonexistence that Exist is part of Project: Donald Trumpet. In this piece, I created a series of artwork layouts of a non-existent artistDonald Trumpet. Those FAKE artworks are origin from Donald Trump'spolitical activities in the past 3 years, except that I describes all the politicalachievements as works of art.

From the perspective of artwork, these works are completely non-existent.But these things did happen and left physical evidence, but we do not regardthem as works of art. I tried to create a FAKE viewing angle copy of theactual object. The conceptual copy of this viewing angle is actually my work,because these objects are not made or created by me. At the same time, I alsore-understood the original meaning of these things in this copy and triggeredthe audience to think about the behavior of this political figure.

The Great Wall of America

The Great Wall of America is a giant sculpture by artist Donald Trumpet. This work is located on the border between the United States and Mexico and is about 1,050 kilometers long (still increasing). The body of the work is composed of densely arranged 10 meters high steel pillars . But through the slender gap, the audience can still see things on the other side of the wall. At the same time, on both sides of the wall are spectators belonging to the United States and Mexico. They can see each other or verbal communication through the gap, but they cannot cross the "wall" itself.

The "invisible boundary" in the macroscopic space created by the national border and the "physical isolation" in the actual space created by the artist are both interdependent and constrained. This work is a discussion on the concept of territory, illegal immigrants and refugees issues that involve human rights.

美利坚长城 是艺术家Donald Trumpet的巨型雕塑作品。该作品坐落于美国与墨西哥的边境上,装置长1050千米(仍在增加)。作品本体由高10米的钢铁柱子密集的排列组成。但是透过细长的缝隙,观众任然可以看到墙另一侧的事物。同时,墙的两侧也分别是属于美国领土上的观众和属于墨西哥领土上的观众,他们可以透过缝隙看到彼此或语言交流,但是却无法越过“墙”本身。


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