Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

The United Arena
— Installation


In a clear container, the artist tried to use the pinball game to virtualize a transparent open competition. There are no real players involved in this game and the device will run on its own. Under the accumulated virtual time, the metal ball will be added to the arena continuously . The rule of the competition is to push the metal ball to each other as much as possible. There is no winner in this competition, but the entire system will be damaged or malfunctioned due to the increasing number of metal balls.

The core of the pinball game is to continuously push the ball out and not let it fall into one's own exit. The parliamentary system was supposed to be used to solve social crises. However, looking at the international world, whether it is the United Nations, national parliaments or various forms of boards of directors. Solving the problem became a side achievement of the rally. Trying to distinguish the relationship, fight for or defend the interests, and throw the core of the problem to the other party seems to be the subject of this kind of political battle. The "Colosseum" seems to have become a stage for politicians and privileged groups to shirk their problems.

Artist uses game to try to simulate systems that already exist in the real world. And by re-enacting the rules of the game to realize the simulation of the reality and discuss the widespread "inaction" problem in the contemporary political landscape. Of course, you can also regard it as a pure noisy artwork and enjoy the strong visual impact it can bring to you.

Still in progress……




Materials: Air, acrylic, solenoid valve, cylinder, metal ball, arduino, printed circuit board
Size: 000mm*000mm*000mm
Time: 03/2019-05/2019
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