Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

— Performance

Institut für Alles Mögliche - Berlin
Abteilung für Alles Andere, Ackerstraße 18, 10115 Berlin

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Before the performance, the surface of a ready-made red carpet purchased in the market was painted black by the artist. After showing the painted carpet, the artist laid the carpet and tried to draw the word “PEACE” on the carpet with a sharp object. Upon completion, the artist re-displayed the carpet to the audience. Afterwards, the artist laid the carpet back to the ground and took out the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. After the cleaning was completed, the artist showed the carpet again. The word “PEACE” on the carpet and the black color disappeared and the original red color appeared again.

The work demonstrates the artist’s feelings after visiting a German concentration camp through non-violent behavior. By continually transforming the form of the item, the artist attempts to simulate the process of reinterpreting the memory of historical events in the contemporary society and the memory backtracking of victims and indirect victims (memory bearers). The results of the experiment seem to be not optimistic, but this does not mean that the artist is pessimistic about the existence of consciousness. Perhaps the artist is only trying to show the process of constant restoration and rewriting of memory in politics and culture that takes place in his mind.



Materials: carpet, vacuum cleaner, spray paint, edge tool
Size: varied

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