Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

Offline Mode 
— Installation

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Offline Mode refers to a state that is free in two very different or even incompatible living states. This state is manifested in various areas of life,  in the unbreakable conflict between family life and work,  in the gradually blurred boundaries between virtual world and the real world,  in the insurmountable gap between pursuit of quality of life or explore the life style.  We are all living in the edge of online and offline,  We can neither be divorced nor fully integrated.

We are nothing but the dividing line with fluctuation. Life is just a bubble exists in the moments with fluctuations between the oil and water.  I do not want to create a line that represents our life. I'm just trying to describe an already existing line. And I use the Installation to show you what is happening in our lives. However, We are experiencing the contradictions and tangles of those living conditions that can not be fused.



Materials: iron, glass, electric motor with push pedal, water, white mineral oil
Size: 4500mm*300mm*1700mm
Time: 2017/03/01-2017/5/31

Exhibition info:
2017  Undergraduate Students’ Graduation Artwork Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Art
2017, Beijing, Central Academy of Fine Art
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