Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

难言之隐 II— Sculpture

Series works

Unspeakable is a series of ready-made sculptures.

Work II tells the current situation of communication between two generations through unanswerable or hard-to-answer calls. The artist suspended two heavy bricks through the steel wire on the handset and the microphone. The huge weight let the handset attached to the telephone base firmly. The phone will ring every 5 minutes. If you can afford the weight and lift the handset, any viewer can choose to answer the call. The artist tried to bring the audience back to the hesitant moment in which the phone rang. At the same time, the heavy and unspeakable costs and concerns that exist in the two generations of communication will give viewers a rethinking of family relationships.

难言之隐 是一系列的现成品雕塑作品。

作品II 通过无法接听或难以接听的电话讲述了正在发生的在两代人之间的交流状况。艺术家将两块沉重的砖块通过钢丝悬置在电话听筒和话筒两端,巨大的重量将听筒紧紧固定在电话座机上。电话将每隔5分钟响起,如果可以承受巨大的重量而举起听筒,任何观众都可以选择接听电话。艺术家试图将观众带回到那个记忆中电话响起的犹豫时刻。同时,那些存在在两代人交流中的沉重且无法诉说的代价和顾虑将给予观众对家庭关系重新的思考。

Materials: telephone, brick, steel wire
Size: 200mm*200mm*1500mm

Exhibition info:
Backyard Stories, 2020, Zhou B Gallery & 062 Gallery, Chicago Link︎http://www.zhoubartcenter.com/backyard-stories.html

Exhibition Photos:

This Photo courtesy of 062 Gallery.
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