Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一

— Installation


Dictionary discusses the "political color" that exists in the current social language system. The 3D paint head statues of a politician are on either side. The keyword audio collected from a video of a political event will be played through the speakers in the statue on the left. After each keyword is played, the speaker in the right statue will play the pronunciation generated by the computer AI of the same word. At the same time, the subtitle prompt for the keyword will be displayed on the wall. These keywords will be played back in the order of the alphabet (A to Z).

The audience was guided to experience the work in the middle between two statues. The artist tried to simulate a morden brainwashing ritual happen everyday in media life today.  In this mandatory output ceremony, repeating keyword three times in different media will force us to rethink the meaning of the language itself and the different colors it is given in the political rituals.

字典 讨论了存在于当下社会语言中的“政治色彩”。两尊政治首脑的头部雕像分别位于两侧。从一场政治活动的演讲视频中采集的关键词音频将通过左侧雕像内的扬声器播放。每个关键词播放后,右侧雕像内的扬声器将播放同一关键词的电脑AI生成的读音。与此同时,墙上将显示正在阅读的关键词的字幕提示。这些关键词将遵照字母变A to Z的顺序循环播放。

观众被引导站在两尊雕塑中间体验作品。 艺术家试图模拟一场洗脑的教化仪式,在强制性输出的仪式中,以不同媒介重复三次出现的同一关键词,将迫使我们重新思考语言本身的含义与其所在政治仪式中被赋予的不同色彩。

Materials: wood, projector, 3D painting(PLA), speaker, Arduino
Size: 1600mm*400mm*400mm

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