Junyi Sun

孙 俊 一


Under the Spring Sunshine— Art Project


Chun Guang 春光

“春光 Chun Guang" is my father's name, which translates directly into English meaning "sunshine in the spring day". My father was born on October 1, 1969 in the village named Da Jia Wa (大家洼) of Shouguang, Shandong Province, a very ordinary northern village in China. My father is the eldest son of the family and the also one of the earliest university students in the entire village. In a time when the basic needs’ material was extremely scarce, it was extremely difficult for a family to fund a child to complete university. Even so, my grandfather still tried his best to help my father complete the study.

My father is a bridge engineer. In the past 20 years, my father and his team have built more than 200 bridges in Shandong Province. And I grew up with my father's support and became an artist. My father built so many bridges on the land, but did not build the bridge between a father and son. Or, in those past years, both of us have not try to build up that bridge. But it is also because the bridges that stand on the land make me come here today.

“春光” 是我父亲的名字,直接翻译成英文的意思是“sunshine in the spring day”。我父亲于1969年10 月1日出生于中国山东省寿光市大家洼村,一个在中国极度普通的北方村庄。父亲是家中长子,也是整个村庄在那个年代为数不多的大学生。在那个物质极度匮乏的年代,一个家庭资助孩子完成大学学业是极度困难的。即便如此我的爷爷依旧想尽办法资助我父亲完成了大学的学习。


Family 家庭

Family seems to be a topic that everyone can't get around. Father, mother, son, daughter, siblings. Based on different cultural backgrounds, different questions have been raised by people all over the world. What does family mean to me? In my narrow worldview, if a person is a basic social element, then the family is like a basic social unit. We come from this unit and belong to this unit. We exert the personality and qualities that this unit gives us through various social actions. Based on the different roles, each unit will generate different relationship attributes and generate new social forms, just like the different arrangement and connection of carbon atoms in a substance form millions of different life forms.

I was born in an ordinary traditional middle-class one-child family in China. Restricted by social rules and historical conditions, Chinese society has given these families different tags:

Ordinary describes that members of this unit have no special social treatment or status. 
Traditionally describes the cultural acceptance of this unit. 
Middle-class describes the economic situation of this unit. 
One-child describes the basic structure of this unit: a father, a mother, and of course, a child.

Looking back at the various trajectories of Chinese history, the only child (the only son) often bears huge family responsibilities and common social responsibilities. The will to succeed and continue the family is higher than the personal development and interest in Chinese culture. Of course, it is the responsibility of every child to assume expectations, since they are still in the mother's womb. It is also a poetic thing for children to prolong the lives of their parents. My birth and growth are also a long-term surprise for my parents. No matter how rebellious I used to be, in the end, I couldn't look back on my way to "becoming my father".


我出生于中国的一个普通的传统的中产独生子女家庭,受到社会规则的制约和历史情况的影响,中国社会又给予了这些家庭不同的标签。普通,描述了这个单元的成员并没有特殊的社会优待或地位。传统的,描述了这个单元的文化接纳度。中产,描述了这个单元的经济情况。独生子女, 描述了这个单元的基本构成:一位父亲,一位母亲,当然,一个孩子。


Art, Family, Artist  艺术,家,艺术家

My entry into the realm of art is actually not something that my parents expected. And eventually becoming an artist  also different from what my parents expected of me. My father and mother are engineers. From rigorous drawing and measurement to overall design and manufacturing, these are the daily routines of their work. I thought art had nothing to do with this, but after several years of exploring myself as an artist, I suddenly realized that what I was doing was actually the same as what my parent were doing. Or everything is connected. In this way, I slowly felt that I was becoming "him". No matter how many times I have denied it. I am finally following or continuing my father ’s and mother ’s footprints.

When I was an undergraduate at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, it was probably because too many new ideas and facts entered in my brain in just a few years. Maybe it's because I live in a city like Beijing with the richest political landscape in the world. Or perhaps it was driven by rebellious and critical consciousness squeezed through years of mechanical education. I spent a lot of time focusing on the the bottom social groups, the identity of citizens in new cities to historical regrets and political surveillance. I am still attached to these topics and will continue to explore them. But while I was constantly exploring my external space, some things also happened in my internal space. Especially after I came to the United States to study and left home thousands of kilometers.



50 Years Old 五十岁

In 2019 my father is 50 years old. Due to the studying here in the United States, I was not able to celebrate this birthday with him personally. But this birthday has become an important point in my art. I suddenly realized that I spent too much time in the past few years exploring what happened in this world without caring about the changes in my heart. On the one hand, because I focused on the exploration of art topics, I reduced the time spent with them. On the other hand, due to this physical distance separation. My father and mother are getting older while I exploring my art path here in the USA.

No matter what I have today, it is all thanks to my parents. They gave me the greatest help and support they could do. So after finishing the “United Arena", I stopped. I seriously recalled my relationship with my family, especially my relationship with my father. Because on the one hand, in terms of relationship, I feel gradually separated from my father in recent years. On the other hand, my father is the main sponsor of my studies in the United States. My life, study and creation are closely related to him.

Strangely, I seem to know what my father is doing. But I don't know exactly. I haven't even seen what my father has done for many years. On the other side, my father seems to know that I am doing art. But he has never seen my work except for my undergraduate graduation exhibition. We also never talk to each other about what we are doing. This strange "non-physiological isolation" has been around for many years. My father even asked me if I continued to paint, and I have put down the brush for many years. After graduating from high school, when I no longer have a transcript with specific scores, it seems that we rarely communicate with each other about the detail of each’s life.

This tacit father-son relationship made me suddenly speechless. I began to recall the memories of my father, and these memories seemed to be gradually forgotten because of this alienation. But what happened has already existed. And my father and I share these stories but no one wants to mention them again. So in such a loss and sadness, my "family topic" started.




Live under the Spring Sunshine

"Unspeakable" is the first part of works I completed under this theme, "His Image" is the second work, and "Imbalance (tentative name)" is the third part of this series.

"Unspeakable" mainly describes my discussion of the barriers and avoidance of common family relationships nowadays. The un-openable storybook represents the interweaving of memories, the mutual entanglement of emotion, and the silence between two generations. The phone that could not be picked up talked about the responsibilities and pressures faced by the two generations when dealing with relationships. Although these two works are based on my personal experience, I tried not to limit the scope of the discussion to my family and make it more universal.

"His Image" is my exploration of family memory. At the same time, it is also some thinking and salvation to my long-term escaping to family relations problem. I tried to save my lost memory by constantly polishing the image of my father in the carved wood.

"Imbalance (tentative name)" I am working on is another exploration of the expectations and stumbling between two generations. Just as Atlas lifted the sky with his arms, I lifted the huge heavy device in motion to try to bear his weight and find balance under his movement. When I think about my relationship with my father, I often feel that the two of us have lost balance in the relationship. And my long-term neglect of this unbalanced state has also caused an imbalance in my body and mind. On the one hand, I shoulder the expectations and dreams of my family. On the other hand, I was oppressed by this expectation, and even affected by it. I was tired and lost the focus of my life. The huge rotating device is a symbol of this ongoing imbalance. And I have to shoulder these things and move on. 

The lifting here is not a resistance to my father. Because when I lift up the installation, I am confronting the energy generated by the imbalance in the existing relationship, not the relationship with my father itself. The feeling of oppression due to weight is the pressure that I am trying to simulate in this relationship. Or, in other words, when I visualize these pressures and struggles. As a son, I am also acquiescing or re-understanding these pressures and expectations from the previous generation.






由于受到疫情的影响,失衡 的制作仍在进行。作品目前完成了一部分。这个作品计划在2020年夏天完成。作品的最终形态将由一个可动装置和一个记录的表演视频组成。但是我关于家庭主题的探讨并没有结束,作为我这段艺术联系的主题,我还在计划其他作品。

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